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Friday, 23 September 2011

SEPTEMBERview : How life treat me so far.

Assalamualaikum w. b. t
Its been a long time since my last post, isn't it?
I'm really sorry my dearest reader .
Seriously, there's soooo many thing happen this few days.
Joy, tears, love,betrayal.

Well, before we get too deep,
How are u?
How life has been treating u so far?
Im hoping that u are all always be blessed by HIM; And having a really good time, since i hardly to have one lately.
Oh dem.

Lets get started.
Early september, I was sent by mama n ayah to my new rent house, located in Phase 3, Bandar Puncak.
To be honest,  its my first time staying outside the campus.
Its quite disappointing in the first few days, since the house is located nearby a hill (which i didn't really realize before), 
and it caused blockage of internet and most of da phone network.
Oh dem.

Since Im the first one who arrive at home, I started to clean up the house, unpacking belongings, sweeping, mopping, and etc.
*Alah, tak kisah pun*

Moving on the next days, my friends start to arrive. First,A, followed by B.
To ease them, I did duplicate the keys.
Plus, I do have plans on Sunday (a day before lectures begin),
so I guess it would be better for me to give them the keys much earlier.

It turns upside down.
As I was home on Sunday evening,
I was told by A n B that xxx(another houzmet) was leaving the house.
All of sudden?? Why?
"She got hostel, and she is leaving"

Oh Dear Allah,
He really test me this time.

Just on the next day, while sun are just setting his shine,
"A" came to my room.
She sit in front of me.
And comfort herself.
After a while.

"NAJAT, Akak minta maaf. Akak dah buat keputusan. Akak pun nak duduk kolej"


Thank you ALLAH.
For showing me the color of life.
The reality of friendship.
The true color of them.
And the STRENGTH in me.


-Nadirah Aziz-



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